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Do they check??


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My partner and I are struggling a bit with keeping up with dd's and mortgage repayments back in the uk, if the house doesn't sell soon it'll be repossesed.

There looks to be very little chance of gaining employment in the near future (locally) so we are looking to move to wherever my partner gets a job.

My partner is French and could potentialy claim she has NO financial records in the uk (after living there for 10 years!), I will simply have to hide when the paperwork comes out!

Will the French bank check for records in the uk? We have had a La Poste acct here for just a few months.
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I suspect checking is possible, others will have to let you know about probability.

I just wondered if you knew about the forum called 'money saving expert' www.moneysavingexpert.com where you may be able to get worthwhile advice.(even if the BS have been uncooperative, you might at least find out your options)

Good Luck

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