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Thinking of taking out a personal loan?


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Our bank sent us an unsolicited offer of credit for 13000 euros for up to five years at 5.62% TEG the frais de dossier inclus of 70euros (a payment that I always object to, so that is good) and sans justicatif.There were the usual clauses about repayment ability etc.



However, further down the letter there was something about a tax reduction if we take this.

What it says is that if one takes out a personal loan of up to and including 13k euros, for over three months. For a 'bien meuble' or 'financement d'une prestation de service' and doing this within two months of getting the loan, then one can get up to 150euros reduction d'impots. The odd thing is that it is purely for loans taken in the full month of May.

The interest rate is good, no frais de dossier is good and the tax man giving a reducation is good. Are all the banks doing this? If we needed a loan, then it would probably be a good time to do this.



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