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How does a french credit broker works?


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A french credit broker has settle relationship with different banks and credit companies(french and english one) which propose him(or her) some rates and conditions which are already negociate to propose the best offer for his/her clients.

He (or she) helps you to set up your mortgage application and precise what are paperworks required by banks and explain the process which is really different from UK.

He/She does his/her best to guide you but of course leave you completely free to choose which offer you prefer(if several proposal have been offered, of course)!

Clients will have to pay brokerage fee(it could be a fixed amount or a percentage, depending how your broker has choosen to charge) but on the other hand you don't have to meet several banks in one day, don't have to try to understand the person in front of you and try to be understood(according that you speak french, or the person speaks english!!!), then explaining your project, and if you are very courageous trying to negociate your rate and bank fees!

In very few time, sometime just some minutes are enough, your credit broker will have contacted several banks to find the best proposal subject to your status, without any hassle, without being obliged to have a day off to meet different people in different places.

To conclude, you save money, time and hassle and at least have find a way to finalize your project!!

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