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A few more questions on assurance vie tax planning.


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I have read with some interest an article by Blevins Franks Aquitaine office and questions further down this forum with this issue. i have a few more questions. please excuse me if i repeat anything as trying to get my head round it all.

1) From what i understand the assurance vie invests in shares and other things? any information on how this works and the interest earned with regard to this would be of interest.

2) Is it correct to say that after 8 years of an assurance vie you can withdraw without any penalties? I have read that after 8 years 4600 euros is tax free if you are single for every year there after?

3) Bearing in mind that i am more a property investment person - how would you compare an investment in a property to an assurance vie investment?

4) or can your assurance vie invest in property?

Thanks in advance.


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