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Two tax returns every year?

Mr Coeur de Lion

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I'm moving to France in October (47 more days....... and counting).

I am leaving a rental property behind in Australia.  Because this is Australian income, I have to submit a tax return in Australia every year.

If this is my only income, do I have to submit a French tax return also?  It will be a real pain if I have to because the Aussie tax year is different to the French one.

I would imagine that if I do get double-taxed, then I would be able to claim tax credits for what is paid in Australia?

Thanks in Advance,


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Not sure what the arrangement are between France and Australia, but I think from the tax year point of view it will be simple for you.  And if I am right that is the only good news you are going to get.


Unless there is a double taxation treaty between the two countries (and I don't think there is), you will be txed for your Austrailian income in the Australian tax year by the Australians                                                                                                         


you will be taxed by the French for your Australian income in the French tax year            



you won't be able to claim a penny back from either because you had to pay the other.


Suggest you find out pronto if there is a double taxation treaty in effect.



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