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Residency status


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Hello everybody

We have just received letters from Credit Agricole asking us to declare our residency status for tax purposes.

We live full time in France, Sue works on an occassional basis in UK (about 8 weeks per year )and pays tax on those earnings in UK. This was declared on our last tax form. I am a kept husband and do no work at all ( I wish !) , we still have savings in a UK bank which earns interest which is taxed at source in UK.

Can anyone shed any light on what tax residency status we have ?

Thanks to all

John & Sue



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If you live here for more than 183 days in a year you are tax resident in France.

Neither you or your wife should pay tax in the UK on savings interest or wages.  You can claim this back in two ways, the easiest is if your individual wages and interest received do not exceed your respective free pay tax allowances.  You each put in a self assessment form to the UK I R.  As your individual UK income will not have reached your tax threshold, the tax paid in the UK will be refunded to you, its that easy.  If you do exceed your free pay, you will have to go the other way through the double taxation rigmarole.

You do however have to declare your income to the French Impots and on unearned income like interest payments, you will also pay the social charges.

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As you say you live full time in France then you are automatically tax resident in France, regardless of where your finances are based. So make sure you get, and fill in, a French tax return, even if no tax is payable.

UK and France have different qualifications for fiscal residency and domicile, so it is possible to have resident stauts in both countries (UK has 'resident but not domiciled' and other similar categories, while France can tax you on income arising in France while you are tax resident elsewhere). Under the British/French double taxation agreement you will not normally be taxed twice on any individual source of funds. 

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