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Habitation Tax


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I have paid habitation tax for the four years I have been living in

France. A friend of the same age told me that, following his concern

that he had not received a demand for this tax, went to his local tax

office and asked why he had not received it.

He has assured me he was told that, since he was now over 70, he was

not liable for this tax despite the fact that he receives a more than

comfortable income which the state are aware of from his income tax

returns. He continues to maintain that this is the case.

I could solve this by going to my tax office but can anyone tell me if

his version is correct. As far as I know from the conditions printed on

the tax form only those over 60 existing on a pitifully low income can

avoid either this tax or that of the foncierge.

Many thanks - Malcolm Hipple

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