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Tax and renting


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Hi to all

We are long term renting in France, with no desire to buy a property.  We have recently recieved our "attestation" from CPAM.....does this mean that we now have to fill in a tax form?  Our understanding was that it didn't apply to us as we were not property owners.

My husband's pension has to be paid in UK, and I have no income....a kept woman these days. Our CA bank account is a current a/c, attracting no interest.

If this has been aired before, my apologies.

Thanks in advance


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There's not necessarily any link between CPAM affiliation and tax declaration - though normally CPAM uses your tax forms to assess any liability for CMU payments (or non-payment).

However as you are resident in France you are obliged to make a tax declaration, of your worldwide income, even if no French tax is payable. French tax residency can be defined in several ways, not only spending at least 183 days per year in France, but also, for example, having your main home, your family or dependants, or your main centre of financial interest in France. There are advantages to establishing tax residency, not least avoiding capital gains tax should you sell your house, though that particular one obviously doesn't apply in your case.

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