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Banks - love 'em and hate 'em


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Yesterday morning phoned currency company and agreed rate for transferring 2,000 sterling. Went onto Barclays internet banking and inputted transfer instructions. Refused!!! Quote the maximum amount you can transfer is 1,000 sterling per day.

Phoned their helpline ( sad soul ) to ask when this lower limit had been imposed and was told recently. Why didn't you bother telling your customers by email about this change in your T & C's? There are so many spoof emails being sent that we no longer send emails. Arrrrrrgggggggg

Phoned currency company and told them to expect two transfers from me over two days.

At 1.00 pm I transferred 1,000 sterling. Mrs Benjamin then suggested that we wait a while and then try transferring the second 1,000 sterling. So 2.30 pm tried sending another 1,000 and it worked. Yippppeeeeeeeeeee

At 2.50 pm got phone call from currency company saying that both payments had just reached them and they would make the transfer immediately. To be fair they also bank with Barclays.

This afternoon looked on CA's internet banking and there were the euros sitting in our account. The only charges were 2,75€ by CA.

So from being really pi**ed off with Barclays they then performed brilliantly.


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Don't know about the love them part, but hate for sure in respect of Lloyds -TSB.

Order over net for £600 of kit on visa card. TSB bounce the request for

payment, when asked (after going through the robotic press this answer

that syndrome ) was told ' it was unusual usage', of course it was, I

dont know many  (or any!) people who spend £600 daily on their

credit card. They agreed that the card limit was substantially more

than needed but they were not going to inform us of their actions. What

exactly is the point of a credit card? and how does such action impact

on personal credit rating in the future?

It got sorted out after numerous overseas phone calls (£1 a minute !!!!)

BTW this was second time by TSB in last 4 months.

Conclusion:- they are a waste of rations with zero customer relations skills.Woot! [:-))]

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I've had the same experience.  I guess many have.  It's very embarrassing to be holding up a queue of people while your card bounces.  In my case, after a furious telephone call to the card company (made the more furious by the rather patronising tone of the replies) I calmed down and realised okay it's in my interest.  It was a (slightly) unusual transaction and if that's how they might stop someone using my card after a theft, then I'll live with it.  There was one lesson learned, however.  My card company has a facility where you can call them and tell then to change the sensitivity of their software to unusual transactions.  At your own risk.



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CA did quite a good one on us last year. We decided to have a week down near the south of France and the day before departure went into our CA bank to transfer 30000e back to UK, as the euro was on a good rate, from our savings account. Went away put our card in at Narbonne only to find we were 27000e overdrawn!!!! Bright sparks had done it out of the wrong account. After a week of panic and using UK card for cash, returned to our bank to point out their error. Fortunately we had a receipt with the correct account number on it. End of the month on our statement we were pleased to see they had charged us 86e interest on their mistake!!! We then had to collar the manager and get the 86e back, while he blamed his staff for all the mistakes. My wife did ask him if he'd heard the expression;The buck stops here; or in your case the Euro.

When we tried to transfer some money from Halifax a couple of months ago, we were told by the lady dealing with us that it was now ILLEGAL to transfer money abroad from that account!!! when we phoned head office they said they'd never heard that before!!! All it boiled down to was that the staff member was too idle, and incapable , to deal with it. After many letters, inc the Financial Ombudsman, we have just got £150 for their incompetence.Frightening when you think you rely on these people.

I admit to normally only looking at the last figure when I get a bank statement but I'm learning.

Regards. B&B St.Malo.   ourinns.org

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