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"Cold Calling"


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I had a phone call in the week from a company called Pryce Warner who have an office in Paris asking me if I would like to invest money with regards to pensions.

I talked to some friends that same evening, and they too had received calls during the week from the same company.

Does anyone know anything about this company?

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I would not buy double glazing from a company which cold called me. The maths on it are wrong. For years I said to Boiler house operations from the States and the Far East that I had only one inflexiable investment rule. << Never Buy Anything From People Who Call Me Up >>

Their web site does not seem to say where they are incorpoprated or who supervises their operations. The Motely Fool Web Site who unlike me are financially ( and therefore worth sueing) viable mentions them and is worth reading.

I occasionally take an ex college of mine out to lunch in London if I watch the girls go by with too much enthusiam he says << Not even with yours >> That covers my reaction


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