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Living in france. Paid in UK.

fred flashman

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Cant seem to get any definate answers to my Tax situation. Was wondering if anyone could put me in the clear.

Im a 50% shareholder of a UK limited company whose main income source is derived from property rental. The other 50% is owned by my brother who lives in the UK and runs the day to day Business.

Myself and my wife are resident in France and take out a small salary from this business and therfore pay NI in the UK.  In addition i recieve a dividend which forms the larger part of my salary, again paying tax in the UK.  Due to the fact that we are paying NI in the UK and return to the UK infrequently to carry out work (no work is  in France) we are provided with a workers E106  from the IR which gives health cover in France.

We have our five children all below the age of 16 living with us in France.

My questions are

1) Are the French authorities going to ask me to pay anymore tax on my UK income. I ask this question because although i pay tax in the UK i am now resident in France and tax in France is higher (i think).

2) Because we are a family of 7 what effect will this have on my tax situation?

3) I am considering the idea of working in France (im a qualified carpenter/builder) and am considering setting up with SIRET etc. I realize that i will have to pay into the Social System and will lose my E106. But will that mean that they will take a view on my UK income.

4) Can anyone recommend an accountant in 47/32 areas.






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1. French tax is not necessarily higher, for you it may well work out lower. But French social charges, should you have to pay these, are far, far, higher than the British equivalents.

2. You will get a higher allowance against French tax as a large family.

3. You will need to declare your worldwide income in France - this is the case whether or not you do any other work. If it has already been taxed in Britain it will not be taxed again, though it may have the effect of putting you in a higher tax bracket in France.

4. No, but it would be a very good idea to consult a specialist with a good knowledge of both French and British tax and social security systems.

If you get booklet SA29 from the DWP and NI38 and IR20 from HM Revenue & Customs in Britain (should be available on the Internet) many of your questions should be answered as far as the UK position is concerned.

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