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Trying to work out taxes, help!!!


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Hello all

I was wondering if anyone could help regarding a tax question? At present myself and a friend are thinking of moving to languedoc and opening up a guesthouse the problem is trying to work out how much tax we would have to pay? for example say our combined income from savings interest was in total  £10,000 and we made around £8000 per year from the guesthouse what are the tax implications, i've read several books and trawled the internet but cant seem to find a decent approx figure, i've also heard about this other tax to do with a guesthouse , i think its called a cotisation although not sure, i understand that there are also the two other taxes to do with the residential and also the property but these vary greatly from region.

 I read in the David Hampshire book that the tax system was changed recently to be better for the self employed but still cant find any proper figures for this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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