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need advice/opinion, please


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hello all,

glad that all of you are great help to others who have just started the route England to France :)

i have a couple of questions, hope to get help from here, will raise the most important one first

we are buying an apartment France, all was fine until the seller has changed his mind AFTER signing the compromis and posting it to notarie. i should say we use both the same notarie who was not informed by seller of the changes (he found out from me). notarie assured me - you are on the safe side- the seller is bound to sell ....

i have paid deposit to notarie, have mortgage offer (will post it back to the bank soon).

we dont want to lose the property, mind you we started the purchase in Nov !! on other hand we dont want to keep our monies with notarie for months and months.

the seller does not know of the lattest events - mortgage etc.

so the question is what will happen and how it will take?

Your help,opinion is appreciated!



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Well I'm certainly no expert but if the seller took more than seven days from signing the compromis to change their mind and are now no longer selling to you , you get back your deposit plus the same amount from the seller [:(]
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The seller is legally committed to sell the house the instant he signs the compromis. Only the buyer has a seven day cooling off period in which to withdraw an offer.

You have advised your notaire of the situation and received his/her advice.  You could ask the notaire how long the process is expected to take to completion.

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