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Superb logic, not!


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Have just finished speaking on the telephone to a local  and very helpful, much used in the past French supplier. We have (finally) chosen our slabs for around the pool. I rang from England to order and arrange delivery. Quite understandably, they wanted a deposit to back the order.

So, I offerred to pay the 500 euros by credit card. Consternation!! How on earth could they take payment over the phone,  from an English card?!

So, I asked, would they take a French card if the buyer was present - 'yes'.

Would they take an English card if the buyer was present -'yes'.

Would they take payment froma holder of a French card over the phone -'yes'.

So, what was the problem? Well it's finally done, but they had to call their bank, and its head office or some such. All over a card that has taken some beating at their premises on a number of accasions. No harm done, we're all still friends, but what a session................

Still French logic is unquestionably an interesting facet of the French experience!!

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 I don't think this is very complicated, when you sign up to take credit cards, to the best of my knowledge you get to choose whether or not to take 'customer not present' payments, perhaps they just didn't forsee any requirment to take that option .........sounds like they know better now ! [:)]
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