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Cheque d'emploi for gite caretaker


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[quote user="Angela"]I've been told that the correct way to employ a caretaker for my gite is by using the "cheque d'emploi" service.  Does anyone know if this is right and how the system works?  thanks[/quote]

It is simple - go to your bank and ask for a chequebook, it has an extra section that you send to the social that takes the tax into account. You pay the employee the nett amount, the bank pay this and the social charges from your account. The employee will need a social security number.

However, I'm not sure that you can use cheque d'emploi to manage your Gite - unless it is your own home. Ask your bank or accountant (or CPAM, or URSSAF).

Or you could use a registered gite maintenace company - there are plenty around & most are desperate for work!

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I can't find anything that says it is now OK to use the CESU to pay a cleaner for a business activity.

I would have thought that it would be unlikely to be legal, given that you can get an income tax rebate for money paid out through the CESU, which I wouldn't expect for a money making activity.

I hope that I'm wrong!

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