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Buying on-line with Escrow-Europa or Ebay International trading


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Can anyone help? I want to buy a small tractor via ebay and got the following two offers with different payment methods. Does anyone have any experience of either or any idea of risks. Other than books from Amazon.co.uk, I have no experience of larger expensive items. The best deal is with the tractor in Italy - but can Escrow really offer the service suggested?

Sale 1 - Tractor in Sweden
You will send the funds to eBay . After they will receive the amount will give me the ok for shipping. When you'll receive the item you'll have 3 days for testing. If it's ok then they will release the money to me.

Sale 2 - Tractor in Italy
I will tell you the only way that I want to make this deal:
We will use escrow-europa as a insurance company and for our protection.You will have to wire the money to the escrow-europa agent and they will keep your money until when you will receive and verify the tractor.Anything is wrong with the tractor, you will receive your money back. I will ship the tractor in same day when i`ll receive the confirmation from escrow-europa that you made the payment and after that you will receive the #Tracking Number.
You will send first 1,900 EUR (Down Payment) on escrow-europa agent details and give the details to Escrow-Europa.
Please let me know if you want to make this deal and I will tell you more. If you want I can put escrow-europa to contact you but you will have to give me your full name and address for the shipping and for escrow-europa.
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