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cheque l'emploi service


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Have made the fatal mistake (and yes everyone told me so) but have too much land and now having creater a huge potager etc etc need some help.

Our experte comptable and who has been kindness itself in sorting out our tax affairs an d which are a little complex  has pointed us in the above direction in that I need help in the garden.

Has this been covered here before please in that the archives (or is it me) are not throwing up anything.

Just a couple of questions if I may:  Obviously you need to register and with whom please and also do you use your own cheques (seems a silly question but we are in France) or are there special cheques that you should have to use.


thanks again

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You ask your bank for a special cheque book.

You write out the cheque to the person doing the work and fill in their reference numbers.

Then for every 100 Euros they receive the bank deducts both their 100 Euros and the social charges as well , roughly 50 or 60 Euros.

You can then get some rebate on your income tax to cover your expenditure.

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