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avis d'impot


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have received avis d'impot for 2005 and have 2 questions please.


1. What is the charge " impot sur les revenus soumis au bareme" and its "decote"

2. What do I now do with my piece of paper?  I assume sign it and send to who?

Forgive my ignorance but first tax return. Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hello DC,

Yes it`s that time of year, middle of August the tax man does his rounds.... :(

The "impôt sur les revenus soumis au barème" is how much tax has been calculated on your income.

Décote means in this case a tax rebate.

If you have nothing to pay then that`s it, file it and keep it safe.

If you have something to pay then it will be quite clearly marked at the bottom of the form and a date which is the date they must have received your payment by.

Hope this helps a bit, we`ve all been there.


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