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5% cheaper groceries (delivered to your residence!)


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There are now four major supermarkets which deliver online ;


IMHO telemarket seems best because they have good quality monoprox produits and also a "harddiscount" section for those products where you don't care about quality! Delivery is free above a certain amount.

Linked with this, Orly have a card which gives 5% back for internet purchases ;


There is an annual charge of 70 euros's, but you also get some insurance for flight cancellation, etc.

So if you spend 100 on groceries each week, you will get back 230 euro's  a year.

Add up reserving holidays online, buying household items from online stores, birthday bresents, etc. and you could make 400+ euro's a year.

Seems like a good idea - any thoughts? (or anyone already doing this?)


PS: I read the following is also possible ;

Oney propose des virements express en cash dispo sur le cpte dans les 10 jours ouvrés après la demande.

Situation : Vous avez une reserve de 3000 €
Le relever des dépenses est fait 15 jours ouvrés avant le dernier jours du mois !

>> Demander un virement de 1500€ le 1er du mois, et placer le sur un livret à la reception.

>> Demander un deuxieme virement le 16 du mois de la même sommes. Il sera credité avant la fin du mois pour couvrir le remboursement intégral demandé le 1er

C compris ? Vous pouvez donc faire fructifier 1500 € sans les avoir !

C plus interessant avec une grosse reserve de credit ;-)

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Thanks for that.  Houra seems to be the only one that delivers in my department.  I took a look and it looks pretty interesting.  I did notice that several items are shipped direct from the maker - certain lait products, etc.  I wonder if that incurs an additional shipping fee - I would imagine it does, but did not look further.

I saved the website for future use.  You never know when you might need a service like this.


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