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Dear All

We've hit a bit of a brick wall regarding gaining any type of loan for developing our business.

We have a second property we're trying to sell in order to release cash but in the short term we thought it would be a good idea to use an equity release scheme or get a business loan.....ha!  Not that straightforward.

Our bank has said that as we're registered as a sole trader it's against French law to lend us money as we may spend it on the business!!!!

Another bank has suggested a bridging loan but the details have just come through and it really does look like it's purely designed for a bridge between selling one house and buying another.

We're registered in France but someone has suggested that it may be better if we register our business in the UK as we'll be entitled to more flexible money management options but we're not sure if this will create more problems that it solves.

We do have plenty of equity and can prove ability to pay off a loan of up to 100,000 euros but just can't get our hands on any cash!  Any ideas?





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