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Can anyone give me a brief idea of different investment methods in France (or tell me where to look).  I will have about £50000 cash but where is it best to put it?  Is it easy to invest in shares,  do banks provide decent savings accounts, are there any national savings schemes such as premium bonds etc. etc.

Thanks in advance for any help, andyasj

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I wonder if you have thought about an earlier step. You mention shares then savings accounts & national savings. The latter two have similar investment characteristics but they are very different from shares which themselves cover a huge spectrum of risk and potential reward.

Forgive me if I am 'teaching my granmother to suck eggs' but have you identified your investment timeframe, your attitude to risk, your requirement to have access to your capital, the need for income, french and UK (or other) tax impications etc?

If you have a clear idea of what you want you can then think about French institutions of offshore UK/global institutions. I do not know if you are fluent in French, if you are not would you want to invest in something you do not fully understand all the provisions?

The clearer view you have the less likely you will sold the wrong investment. The best advice is be sceptical about what you are told and ask for proof of statements such as 'the best rate' 'best return'

Time spent in research now will be rewarded in the future. I think a lot of people who have endowment mortgages, opted out of pensions schemes or in some cases stayed in schemes now regret not doing more research.

I think you will get some good generic help from this site from really well meaning posts but it will not be enough to invest £50k in the right places to meet you needs.

Good luck 

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