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Changing French Banks


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For 9 years we have held an account with a branch of Credit Lyonnais. For reasons that are too varied to go into here we want to change , we think to a french branch of Barclays, mainly for the internet service. Has anybody experience of changing banks, is it straightforward ? Any users of Barclays France, good ,bad , or indifferent ?
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Re changing, it's probably best to have both accounts running in tandem for a couple of months before closing your CL account.

Ensure you know what DD are set-up, particularly the yearly ones (insurance, impôts, local taxes...) as the bank is under no obligation to make things easy for you (that should change in the next year or so)

Ensure that your CL bank card, if you have one, is cancelled at the same time, as the fee is usually on auto DD from your account. You will not get a refund anyway...

It is possible for an account closure to take up to 4 months!!! (according to a recent survey by some consumer association)

There should be no closing fee (one of the few positive changes made in the last couple of years).

I have no experience of Barclays in France.

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