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Taxe d'Habitation Online Deadline Date?

Jon 1

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I have paid my TdH online in mid December for the past 2 years. 

When I tried to do the same from the UK yesterday a pop up said that the date for this had passed.

Has something changed this year? 

An e-mail to the Hotel d'Impots was not much help they simply said it was not possible and sent a RIB.

I am conscious of a possible 10% surcharge.  Any advice on how to proceed?

I would add that we had changed our address in the UK and personally presented a letter notifying them of this when we were in France.  However, the avis never arrived by the end of November so I had to get the number by e-mail.  Then of course I could not pay online.


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The payment deadline for our Taxe d'Habitation this year was 10th November but if you registered to pay online then payment was not taken until 5 days later.

Any chance you can visit your Trésor Public?  The CdI sent our Taxe Foncière (I know you are talking about TdH but principle is the same) to our long dead address in England - the first we knew was when we got a reminder from the Tresor Public earlier this month saying we had passed the payment deadline.  The reminder contained a forfait of 10% but when I explained to the guy at the Trésor he let us pay the original amount.

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