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Can anyone help me with this question.

I have just received a new carte bancaire from Credit Agricole.  The accompanying information seems to be telling me I need to load this card with money to use it. Is this the same as just registering a new english card (i.e. that you just put it in the cash machine, use your pin number and register it as a new card/)

also, if this is so, can I do this in England?

I suspect it is not that easy and I am going to have to go to my branch in France to do something with the card?

hope soneone can help.

looking forward to hearing from you



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Without knowing which card you're referring to, it is all speculation...

There is a card called Moneo, which can be 'loaded' with cash  and used as cash for small purchases in shops which display the Moneo sign.

This facility is also available on some traditional bank cards in France.

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I'm not with CA but some banks require you to make a withdrawal from a cash machine in order to activate the card for other transactions (like before using it in a shop).  Could that be it?

The only card I know of that you have to charge up is a Moneo card, though there may be others.


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Thanks for your reply.

the card is a normal debit card with the master card symbol on it. 

I wonder if this now includes the moneo feature.  I have never come across this before.  We have had our previous card for five years and it is only a debit card, when we use it money comes out of our french bank account.

I suspect from the replies that Credit Agricole have included the Moneo facility on the card for smaller purchases then.

 I will see if I can find anyone in my village with this type of card, they may know whats happening

thanks for your help


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My CA CB card worked from day 1 without being used in any cash machine. However, it was through Britline so I don't know if they did something with it before sending it on to me (knowing that I was then in the UK, etc.).

My BNP Paribas CB card (obtained in France) did need to be used in a cash machine before it would work everywhere else (in fact both did, the original and the next when once the first had expired and been replaced).


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