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Closing accounts with BNP


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I have a friend (yes, really!) who has had enough of BNP and wants to close down all his accounts with them.   He has a current account, a Carte Bleue, a surprise Security contract, something called Assurecompte, and an Esprit Libre account (for phone/internet banking).

They've sent him the following letter to sign.   The confusion lies in the first part, the bit about maintaining the free online services and paying for them from "the above account". [blink]  If he's closing all his accounts, surely internet banking is kind of pointless......?

In short, is this letter closing everything down or not? 

Many thanks for any help you can offer,


Je resilie ma convention de compte Esprit Libre etablie le 12/06/2001 et souhaite:

- maintenir hors Esprit Libre:

- L'acces gratuit aux services en ligne par telephone, minitel et internet, dans les conditions prevues dans le Chapitre VI - services en ligne, des conditions generales.

les cotisations a ce(s) produit(s) seront percues selon leurs modalites specifiques (cf. conditions generales) et seront prelevees sur le

compte designe ci-dessus.

- resilier:

- la carte VISA CLASSIC [CARD NUMBER] foncionant sur le compte [ACCOUNT NUMBER]

- le contrat BNP Securite etablie au nom de:- Mr XYZ 

- Situation, contrat [ACCOUNT NUMBER]

- Assurecompte.


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I cannot be certain, but it does sound as if they are offering a letter to close the present account, but maintain a different account at the same bank...

Typically devious banking practice. Now they can't charge you for closing an account, they are looking  at other ways to get you [;-)]

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I am equally confused by the letter, but I wouldn't attempt to offer any interpretation without having read the conditions générales.  There's no mention of closing the current account, so it looks as though somebody hasn't understood your friend's intention.

I don't think he has any alternative but to explain to the bank that he wants to close the account and everything associated with it, and this letter doesn't seem to do the job.  If language is a problem, I think the subject is important enough for him to go with a friend who speaks French, or ask BNP to find someone who speaks English.

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