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help filling in tax forms


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Is any one up to giving step by step guidance on filling in tax forms ?

I have downloaded 2042 ,2047 and 3916 from last year to use as a guide, I would just like to be ready for this year , it will be our first.

Arrived July last year , so assume we just declare income from July to December, we have two small company pensions each (both in 50`s so no state pension yet) I  assume we lump them together, Plus some interest on savings.


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You declare your worldwide income from July (the day after you arrived in France) to 31 December 2006.  All amounts must be gross- you will reclaim any UK tax paid during this period from HMRC at a later date - and in euros (no cents).  The official exchange rate will no doubt be announced on the forum at some time or other.


Start with the form 3916 and enter details of your UK banks and savings accounts. That's all you need to do.


Then go to form 2047 - that provides the breakdown of your foreign income.

In Section I under "Pensions, Retraites, Rentes":

Enter your gross UK pensions separately for you and your wife.

In Section IV, under B "Autre Revenus de Valeurs Mobilieres et Revenus Assimilee":

Enter Royaume-Uni in column 1, then your gross joint UK savings interest in column 5. Carry the interest amount down into Total A then the same figure into the line marked TS 

Finally, if you do not have a current form E106 from the Pension service, then go to section VIII and enter the total of your two gross pensions from section 1 in the box.  If you do have an E106, then leave it blank.

Sign and date the form 


Next it's form 2042 - that's the main tax declaration.

On page 1, fill in the personal details. If you don't have a TV, tick the box under "Redevance Audiovisuelle". Under "Changement d'address" enter your previous UK address.

On page 2 under section A, tick the Married box.

On page 3, enter your own gross pension in box AS and your wife's gross pension in box BS.  Enter your gross joint UK savings interest in box TS (these are the figures you are transfering from the form 2047)

On page 4, if you do not have an E106, enter the total of your two gross pensions in box TL.  If you do have an E106, then leave the box blank.

Sign the front of the form - and that's it. Send them off to your tax office and wait for the bill in September.[:)]


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When we asked for form 3916 last year (our first year of declaring in France) we got a bit of a blank look.

The clerk gave us forms 2047 and 2042 as Sunday Driver says but not form 3916.

When we submitted our return we just listed our UK and French current and savings accounts on a separate piece of paper.

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Now I remember, that's what I did too.  I'd taken the 2042 and 2047 forms round to the tax office to check I'd filled them in OK and the bloke grabbed them off me and said, they're fine.  When I said what about the other form (it was still at home), he said don't worry about it!


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