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Geronimo! Taking the big leap.


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My wife and I have sold our house (subject to contract) and intend to move to France in approx 2 months time. We have the use of a friends caravan in the Charente region whilst we look for a suitable property. As time draws nearer it is quite apparent that we have not done our home work and some important questions have not been resolved.

Firstly, the Tax situation, I took early retirement 2 years ago and have an occupational pension  my wife does not work and has no income. Do I have my pension paid directly to a French bank account, if so would I receive the transaction at the commercial rate and what tax would I pay? We also have savings in accounts which we draw upon for monthly income, how will these be taxed?

Secondly, My wife has not paid N.I. contributions for the last 5 years and I have not since taking early retirement. What would we have to pay for adequate heath coverage?

Any advice on these issues would be appreciated.

Thanks Skippy.

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Re the Health Care - it may be worth having a search through this thread http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/868178/ShowPost.aspx

If you use the forum search facility and enter something like exchange rate for pensions there are quite a lot of posts that touch on this subject  for examplr http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/912425/ShowPost.aspx but you do have to read through............

Hope that at least gets you started - others may offer more specific advice

Good luck.......

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That is a good thread Gay to look for the health care answer but to be frank these basic questions show the OP has not done a lot of research at all, it looks like Geronimo will hit the deck in France with a big splat.

Can I suggest that apart from the threads that Gay has suggested Skippy looks at the DWP website for an E 106 (though I doubt they will get one for very long if at all not having paid NI for two years) and the various topics on here like finance and legal to see the wealth of information already available.

One thing for certain is that only one person can arrange to have a pension paid direct to a French bank and that is Skippy and Yes you do have to tell the French about all bank accounts held and declare the interest earned on them which in turn makes one liable to social charges at 11% on unearned income on top of any income tax to be paid.  Can I suggest the OP does some research and then comes back with specific questions which will then be easier to answer.

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