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Cheque d'emploi and tax return


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Hi, can anyone help? I started a job in April 2006 looking after 3 children in their home. Until December, I was paid by normal cheque. Now, I am paid on CES. In which boxes do I declare each of these incomes or do I add them together and put them in one box?

Also, what dates am I filling these forms in for? Is it April 2006 to March 2007 or Jan 2006 to Dec 2006? I can't find anything on the forms to say either way.


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The French tax year runs from Jan to Dec and earnings in 2006 have to be declared in 2007.

You say you have been paid by cheque.

How did you pay your contributions (illness, old age, pension assedic...)? This will dictate how your earnings will be seen by the tax office (employed or self employed).

Re CESU, in 2008 you will receive a letter totalling your earnings for your 2007 declaration and that total should also be pre-filled on the form the tax office will send you.

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Clair, thanks for the prompt reply.

I am definitely employed as I have a contract and before I was paid by CES, my employer filled in a payslip for each month which listed all the deductions and amounts of each. The reason she started paying me by CES is because her youngest reached 6 yrs old in November and so the Govt stopped helping her with childcare costs. After that, it was better to pay me by CES.

Now I'm wondering if someone on a permanent contract can be paid by CES?



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If you have a contract, you are employed.

As far as I can see, you should enter your total income for 2006 on page 3, box AJ if you are not marriedor in a PACS( legal partnership), or box BJ if you ar married or in a PACS.

A CESU is simply an easy way for an individual to employ someone. The work must be related to the household: childminding, private lessons, cleaning...

When paying with a CESU, your employer is able to deduct a large part of the contributions she makes on your behalf from her own income tax bill and her own employer may even be contributing to her child minding costs with their own vouchers.
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