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Taxe de sejour


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Can someone please tell me how this is calculated.

We have a small chalet in the Pyrenees and have just recived a bill for 246.96 euros  for the period 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2007.

This has been worked out on the basis of the chalet sleeping six people x 84 at a rate of  0.7 giving  352.8  with a reduction of  30% giving the 246.96.

Is this calculated on a fixed basis or is it a guess at how often the property is occupied.

In our case the total occupancy is more likely to be about 60 days.

Even though we own the property are we still treated as visitors?

I can understand having to pay this tax for any rentals we have but it seems a  bit over top to have to pay ourselves when we already pay the other property taxes, fonciere and habitation.

Any ideas please

Thanks Brian

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Don't know about the Pyrenees Brian but around here T de S is collected by owners of hotels, appartments camp sites etc for each night for each adult who are guests. I think, but am not sure, it goes towards the locl Tourist Office/Syndicat d Initiative's area promotional budget.

Like a lot of things though this may be purely local. Put it another way. If your chalet was around here and you din't rent it out then you wouldn't be paying T de S.

However the sking's so so good in these parts. [:D]

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