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Recouvrement - ?


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I went on line to the tax office this morning to see whether I could find my avis d'impôt, since it hasn't yet arrived by mail.  I found it, but I'm perplexed by two dates that appear on the second page:

Date de recouvrement: 31.07.2007

Date limite de paiement: 15.09.2007

No problem in understanding the second, but what does the first mean?  My dictionary suggests that recouvrement means something like "recovery" in the sense of collecting an unpaid or disputed debt.  I hope it isn't that.  On the other hand, if it simply means the date when they sent the request for payment, then it looks as though the document has got lost in the mail.

Does anyone know for sure what it signifies?

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From my French bi-lingual  Avocat Honnaire.

The Date de recouvrement is the date when the amount of the tax due has been calculated and registered as such - we have that date on our final assessment for income tax (received on 13th August) on last year's income.   It is usually a date a week or two before the actual issue of the assessment to the taxpayer(s).

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