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Form H1 Impots Locaux

Frank & Rosie

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We have bought a barn from my brother, bought and paid for although deeds not yet received from Notaire. At present it is just a barn but we have sumbitted plans which have been passed to convert it to a home. Although the Permis de Construire was granted last year, work has still not started although the Fosse Septique is about to be installed and hopefully the roof started in October. We have just received an H1 Impots Locaux form with a covering letter which has the following observation highlighted on it:
"Suite a achat par acte notaire du 10/5/2007 veuillez redecrire les locaux".

It will be some time before the building is habitable, but obviously we still have to pay tax on it.

Can anyone please help with what we have to do and how to fill in the form, our French is still not terribly good.

By the way, our barn is in Firbeix, Department 24 but we still live in England.
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Someone who really knows about this will be along soon but, as I understand the situation, this is just a how-are-things-going letter/just-in-case-you-have-finished-letter and you will need to reply but only to say that works are still ongoing and not finished yet.


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