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Hi all you good people with French living advice.

I need some advice on this terrible subject of Tax (what a burden ).I am now living in France now for 6 months,my wife still live's in Northern Ireland(UK)I think  possibly, I have to do a tax form in January.

My question is this ?I am now French resident,I am not working and live from savings,my wife lives in the UK but visits here when she can come over ( so far for 3 weeks ) and receives  a small private pension .We also have savings in the UK which we expect the interest will allow us to keep ourselves .

What we gain on her pension and the interest is enough to live on  "entre le deux"other than that we have no other income.

So the question is this?as we do not earn can we claim the tax back on the interest we pay on our savings and also as it does not break any tax threshhold,I think there is no tax for me to pay here also.

All replys are greatfully accepted with the best advice as this is going to be my first tax form return and i am not looking forward to it .

many thanks .   

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Different people have different tax liabilities - I would go get yourself a good accountant and speak to a real expert about your tax situation, whilst you may get good advice here, it's really expert, professional advice that you need.

And I'd also read the threads about health care - under retirement age and not earning or no E121 could be heading you for further problems under the new legislation.

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