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Some months ago I posted in 'The Lighter Side of France' about a daft driver trying to drive past my house where the gap between my house and my neighbours was some 6 inches less than the cars width.

Well I thought that I would let you know that 3 months on the insurance claim for the damage to my house has been sorted out.  The way it all worked out might be useful to others who have a claim so here goes.

Obviously, I obtained the insurance details of the guy driving the car but instead of having to deal with his insurers direct I reported it to my house insurers. I use a lady called Lena Eaton of Continent Assurances (who are agents for Generali) and she was immensely helpful and handled all the claim against the drivers insurers without me needing to be involved at all other than to sign papers. She kept me in touch with what was happening, translated the parts of the other insurers forms that I did not understand and even arranged a joint inspection of the damage with the other insurers. The cheque to pay for the damage is now on its way to me from Continent who will then recover the amount from the drivers insurers.

Like many people I have a healthy degree of scepticism regarding insurers but I have to say that this episode has been nothing but straightforward thanks to Lena.

Although she is nowhere near me - she is based in Arradon - and I have never met her in person the distance proved to be no problem.

Incidentally, although the policy is with Generali, Continent provide an English translation of the documents for the insurance and Lena explains, in excellent English, any points that I have been uncertain on. If anyone wants to contact her her e mail is leaton@agence.generali.fr 

Hope this helps



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Hi, we also use Agence Eaton Generali Assurances & we needed to make a claim and were greatly impressed by  Léna & her colleagues with the way our  claim was handled. My wife & I are far from being fluent in French and really appreciated being issued by Agence Eaton our policy documents in English so we can see exactly what we are covered for & knowing that whenever we call we are always answered in English. We generaly never recommend businesses but we really feel that Agence Eaton do provide a brillant service for us Expats - the number we use is 02 97 40 80 20. their site is www.french-insurance.com



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