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Unemployment benefits in France?


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I worked on a detachment aggreement in France and found out my post was deleted a couple of weeks back.

This means that for the last four years I have been paid from the UK, paid NI in the UK, but income tax in France.

I am hoping to get a new job ASAP, but does anyone know if I will be entitled to French unemployment benefit, and how much this is likely to be?



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   clare is correct, your first step should be ASSEDIC but then register unemployed with ANPE. I assume you have a carte de sejour? Assedic will take into account UK earnings if you have all your previous payslips............going back five years if possible. You may also be eligible for housing benefit...........for this you go to your local CAF (Caisse allocation familial) It could all keep you going till you find another job! If none of this helps, you can claim RMI through the  CAF office. This is in the region of 450 € a month. Hope this helps.

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