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EDF: Contribution au Service Public D'electricité


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Hello all, I'm hoping you can help.


I upgraded my EDF supply to 15kW last month and have received my first bill, with a charge in the autre prestations section described as "Contribution au Service Public D'electricité" of €40.04 + TVA.


I realise that the standing charge would have increased but believe that this is covered under the increased monthly abonnement over the course of a year. Having looked on the EDF website I have discovered the following explanation of the charge:


"Elle est destinée a compenser les charges des fournisseurs d'életricité liées a leurs  missions de service public. Elle est soumise uniquement a la TVA"


I would be grateful if someone would help me make some sense of this by advising exactly what is actually being charged here and whether this is going to be a one-off, annual, monthly or random occurrence.


Thanks for your help.

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Contribution au service public d'électricité is a tax on private electricity consumption. We pay €0.0045/kWh.

It's charged on total consumption for the invoice period.

Are you sure that you've been charged €40.04? That would seem to indicate a consumption of over 9000 kWh. for the period.

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The €40.05 is a flat fee notated with "Intervent 2 appareils part". The second line in that section of my bill is then charging my consumption at 0.0045. As I actually had a negative consumption due to a previous over-billing I have been charged under Autres Prestations €38.91 + TVA as follows:


Contribution au service public d'electricité:   Consumption   -254     Prix  0.0045  =   - €1.14

Intervent 2 appareils part:                                                                                     =   €40.05


Autres Prestations Total = (€40.05  -  €1.14)  €38.91 + TVA 


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