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average rate for cleaner/gardener


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Am I right in saying that a companies like a Hotel, B&B, Gites can't use the cheque d'emploi service or have I misunderstood,?  I only ask as I thought you were setting up a business Jon and I seem to remember someone saying that the cheque d'emploi is specifically for services for a household.  

EDIT Separate point but Tony if they are 'properly registered' they wouldn't be paid by cheque d'emploi would they ??


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Yes you are right Panda.

As mentioned on another thread yesterday, the person being paid by CESU is employed to work in a private home

(home help, cleaning, giving lessons, small DIY jobs...) or for work

related to a private home (ironing at home...)

Employment related to a business activity is not suitable to be paid for by CESU.

A small business can employ staff using CES-TPE (Chèque Emploi Très Petites Entreprise), designed for small businesses.

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- Puis-je utiliser le CESU pour rémunérer la personne qui vient tondre la pelouse (avec ma tondeuse) ?


l’utilisation du CESU est possible pour rémunérer « les petits travaux

de jardinage ». En revanche, lorsque les travaux de jardinage relève de

la compétence d’un jardinier, la rémunération par CESU est alors



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