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Tax calculation & the simulator


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I spent a little time yesterday trying out the simulator program, and I have a comment that may prevent some people from wasting time on it: the program still hasn't been expanded to take into account income that is not taxable in France (revenu exonéré), e.g. a UK government pension.  Someone in my local tax office told me last year that this modification was in the pipeline, but it evidently hasn't happened yet.

The trouble is that you don't find this out until you try to enter something in the relevant box (TI), when you get this message:

En raison de sa complexité, ce type de revenu ne peut être actuellement intégré dans le programme de calcul.

The message refers to some other boxes as well, although I don't know what they are for (it says: TI, TM, TK et cadre "Revenus exceptionnels ou différés à imposer selon le système de quotient".)
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