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final check that i've done everything!


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ok....soooo....bit of background first....

first year of tax return. there's me and the man in the house. we're not married and haven't 'pac'sed'. we both just have a bit of interest on uk savings to declare.

1) even though i read all these things about 'household declarations' and not individual ones, do we need to fill out separate 2042's, 2047's & 3916's because we're not married?

2) on 2042, do i just fill out the front page, tick the 'célebataire' box in part A on page 2, and then just write the amount of uk savings interest earned in box TS on page 3? have i missed out any other bits that need filling in?

3) on 2047, do i just fill out the top box on the front page, fill out the necessary bits on page 2, declare that we're on E106's in box VIII on the back page, and then sign and date at the end of the form? missing anything?!

i know everyone is utterly bored of answering these things, but any guidance would be fab!

thanks everso

squidge x





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thanks everso everso!

errrrr when you say year of birth bit on 2042, is there another bit on the form to state this as well as the line underneath your name on the front page? am i blindo?

as we have to fill out separate forms, presumably i have to tick the box at the bottom of the front page of 2042? guessing that this just means that there's another 2042 that's been handed in for the same address? 

and one other random question that's simply just bugging me - what does 'occupant à titre gratuit' actually mean? is it for people that, say, live with their parents still?!

it's amazing how little ink you actually have to use on these scary looking forms isn't it!


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Year of birth - that's date of birth on page 1, so OK.

Tick box is for if you are submitting a supplementary 2042 form as well as this one.  If you aren't, then leave it blank.

They ask for your residential status - if you are living with your boyfriend and not paying the rent, then you are an occupant de titre gratuit.


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