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First time tax forms sent in...What happens now?


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Its all done.. Hopefully everything as it should be and posted off, with correct amount of postage, to the right address.

How long does it typically take to get a response from the authorities? I assume you dont get a direct acknowledgement of receipt.

Someone will probably say, I should have taken it in personally, but hearing tales of long queues at the local (Agen) office put me off that one.


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For future reference only, if you're posting something like a tax return it's not a bad idea to send it as recorded mail and ask for a signature on receipt.  Also, I know nothing about Agen but at my tax office, although the queues are long, this is normally because queries are being dealt with.  For those who are "problem free" there is a special post box in the foyer where you can just drop the things off.

edit: My tax office is also really good at replying to e-mail, so if you are at all anxious about non-arrival, you could always ask them in a couple of weeks time if they've got it.

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