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On-line tax declaration tips


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I finished my on-line tax declaration!

For me, the time consuming and hard part is always working out the bank account interest.

For this I have the following tip ;

  • Download all the transactions for each account
  • Put in excel
  • Make a filter on the description and have a condition of contains the word "interest"

You will then get all the interest payments shown, which you can copy and sum in another worksheet.

I was told that if you can prove the exchange rate at the time then you can use that figure to transfer to euros.

I use ;


which corresponds to the HM customs exchange rates.

As you can get figures for each month, it is easy to also add to Excel to calculate monthy amounts in euros.

I also do something similar for the declaraion of overseas accounts  (copy the details from the accounts summary page) and then paste directly into the overseas accounts tax form.

Another hint is to use "snippy" (free open source screen capture program) to make notes/screen copies as you do your on-line declaration so that it will be easier to remember how you did it next year!

Good luck!


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