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Does an Assurance Vie offer similar advantages to ISAs?


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    I'm getting close to my chosen retirement date, and a move across to France, where we already have a mortgage free home.  If I was to remain in the UK, I would expect to draw tax free income from my ISA, which would keep me going until my company and state pensions kick in.  Given that the tax free status of ISAs are not recognised in France, are there French options I should be considering?  I believe that an Assurance Vie is some kind of tax efficient wrapper but I'm struggling to find detailed information.

Regrettably, enquiries to certain 'professionals' in this area, who regularly advertise in Living France and France magazines, have not solicited any response.

All help, pointers etc. gratefully received.  Thanks.

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there is quite a good explanation here


(I have no connection with this firm and have never used their services)

There is another article here


There are also other tax-free savings accounts in France -


For inheritance tax purposes it is better to set up an Assurance Vie BEFORE moving to France.



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Thanks again TB.  With the occasional use of a dictionary, I can manage these quite nicely, although I need a bit more time to follow up some of the links.  At that stage, the French language skills may start to creak a little!!



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If you are talking about MAXI ISAs as opposed to cash ISAs, then the French "equivalent" is the PEA - Plan d'Epargne en Actions.

Big differences cf ISAs:

- you can put in up to  €130,000 (actually 132 or 134; in one lump or over time);

- gains only become fully tax free (even then subject to 11%) after (memory) 8 years (5 years is also significant).

If you Google Plan d'Epargne en Actions, you'll find loads of stuff. The main French on-line brokers (Boursorama and Fortuneo) are good sources of information as well as the obvious candidates if you choose to go down this route (I chose Fortuneo a couple of years ago - mainly because they seemed to be better and cheaper for LSE stocks), especially if you are going "self-select."

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