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We used two different ones, both English speaking,  during the first three years after our arrival in France. Each filled the forms 2042, 2047, 2042C, 3916 etc in different ways and charged about 750 Euros for so doing. I have not enough experience of accountants to recommend either of them but have no serious complaint against them and can supply info by pm if you wish. One is in Poitiers and the other down South somewhere. Everything was done on-line. I figured that I would have to make a really bad mistake to pay this much in tax so decided thereafter to do it myself. This has not been without its problems as you can see from some of my recent posts and Jackie's posts but there are the wonderful Tax Faqs to look at on this forum and you can be sure of a helpful, sometimes, response from someone who knows, or thinks they know. Likewise for the other forum at Total France. There is also  infotax-southwest@dgfip.finances.gouv.fr who have been replying to questions in English............................................JR
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