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Mairie dictating price !


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Apologies for hijacking this from another thread but I thought that if there were any substance to it it might be of some interest to others.

"I recently heard that some old friends of ours, who moved to Nord Pas

de Calais some years ago, were not allowed to put their house up for

sale for the price they wanted, because the Mayor refused them


Surely nobody can prevent you putting your own house up for sale at whatever price you like [blink]

I know there are some rules about reselling after a short time at a significantly higher price which might suggest that the original seller could have been cheated but that is not the issue here.

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This is something you have to consider , when buying or selling.

See the question of " Droit de préemption"!

Check the conditions under which they can exercise it.


All the legal side:

[url=http://larecherche.service-public.fr/df/oxide?criteriaContent=droit+de+pr%E9emption&Rechercher.x=0&Rechercher.y=0&Rechercher=tous&page=resultssprubs&action=launchsearch&DynRubrique=&DynCorpus=&DynDomain=SP]French legal side : Droit de préemption "[/url]



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I suspect that some council official has told them that the Mairie has the 'right to buy' and offered a lower price than that at which the house is for sale.  If someone is unaware of the law they may feel or indeed have been told, as it is not unheard of for functionaires to be a little economical with the truth[:)], that they have no right to sell at the higher price.
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Apart from property owned by the commune, the only time that I would think a maire could have any say in the selling price of a house is in a case where communes offer plots in lotissements at a subsidised price, in order to attract new residents. In this case there could be a covenant that says the commune should recoup some of this subsidy if the house is sold within a certain time. Otherwise it is solely the market which decides.


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