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We are in the process as registering as an Enterprise Individuelle and are due to go on the course which will hopefully fill us in about how it all works! but can anyone help us out in the meantime please as to whether it is necessary to have a business bank account and if so can anyone recommend a bank please? Thanks. 

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Hi Pumpkin,

I strongly recommend that you have a separate bank account to your personal account as it makes things very much simpler from an accounting point of view.

You will find that banks charge more money for a professional account than for a personal one so just set up a separate personal account instead.  Also, unless you absolutely HAVE to have a bank card then you'll find it much cheaper if you just have a cheque book. 

For my "business" account at Credit Agricole Charente Perigord with cheque book and internet access, I pay just over 3 euros a month.

Best of luck with your new business.


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Yes I definately wouldn't be able to keep track of the finances if it were all jumbled up!

That is cheap for the account to run it as a personal account so I will enquire with my bank to set up another current account separate to the personal one. I just didn't know if you had to have a business one in France.

Thanks for your reply.

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