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Postdated cheques


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If I give someone a postdated cheque (with Credit Agricole) and then want to cancel it later, can I do that?

A new swimming school has opened up, offering lessons for my son, and the owner wants a whole year's fees in advance.  I was reluctant to do this because I am not sure that her business will survive (the pool is in her garden and she seems very 'untogether') so she said that she would accept 10 monthly postdated cheques.  I want to know if I can cancel the cheques if the lessons or the pool are not up to scratch.

I have searched the Forum but this question doesn't appear to have been asked before (unless I am searching using the wrong words).

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In effect, it all depends on how much you trust the person or business you write the cheque to.

Should the cheque be presented to the bank, it would be credited to the beneficiary's account, regardless of the date written on it.

Should your accounts not have the necessary funds, you'd be in trouble:



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Actually, it's the same in the UK.  If a cheque is presented, it will be honoured irrespective of the date on it.

And, by the way, it's not true that if a cheque is more than 6 months old, it is no longer valid.  A cheque is valid in perpetuity though no one actually tells you this!

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[quote user="sweet 17"]... it's not true that if a cheque is more than 6 months old, it is no longer valid.  A cheque is valid in perpetuity though no one actually tells you this![/quote]

Not so in France:[quote]Ledélai d'encaissement et de validité

En principe, le chèque doit être présenté au paiement dans un délai court : 8 jours pour un chèque émis en France, 20 jours en Europe ou dans un pays riverain de la Méditerranée, 70 jours ailleurs. En pratique, cette règle n'a plus beaucoup d'importance, puisque les banques doivent payer tout chèque présenté pendant sa durée de validité. Celle-ci est de 1 an et 8 jours pour les chèques bancaires, 1 an pour les chèque postaux. Passé ce délai de validité, la banque doit rejeter le chèque, même si la provision existe.

Bancairement parlant, après ce délais, le chèque ne vaut plus rien, mais légalement parlant, il constitue un début de commencement de preuve que vous détenez une créance non soldée sur la personne qui a émis le chèque.

In principle, the cheque must be presented for payment within a short time: 8 days for a check issued in France, 20 days in Europe or in

countries bordering the Mediterranean, 70 days elsewhere. In practice, this rule does not much matter, since the banks have to pay any cheque presented during its period of validity. It is 1 year and 8 days for a bank cheque, 1 year for a postal cheque. After this period of validity, the bank must reject the cheque, even if the funds are in the account.

Banking-wise, after this time the cheque is worth nothing, but legally speaking, it is a proof that the person who issued the check has an unsettled debt with you.
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Thank you for this information.

The swimming club lady was still insisting that I gave her a number of post dated cheques otherwise she would not register my son.  So I gave her 2 cheques rather than 10, which kept her quiet.  I'll risk the potential 6% fine....

I'm going to copy the stuff from Clair's websites to show the boarding school.  They always insist on 3 postdated cheques.  They will have to change their policy.


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