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La Loi Girardin

Andy Allen

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Greetings all.

Does anybody have any experience of La Loi Girardin as a means of trying to retrieve something from tax payments in years to come.

We recently spent some time talking to a guy about the scheme and it seems like a really good idea. But I did a search of this forum and didnt find a single mention.

Any opinions good or bad would be welcome.



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[quote user="Andy Allen"]That was explained to us but apparently we are still eligible to apply, as long as we are french taxpayers. We are going to see a company about them next week. will post more as I find out.[/quote]


     I would be very careful if I were you. Apart from the difficulty of safeguarding your investment at such a distance, and in societies with perhaps different ideas of financial probity,there is at present a move by the government to reduce or abolish certain "niches fiscales" of which this may be one. Be very wary of what the company tell you about possible returns and savings--there is at present a developing scandal about mis-selling in the domestic buy-to- let market.

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