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Gas Central Heating

Paul King

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Hi Everyone,

We are preparing for our first winter in Charente (16320) and have Antargaz gas central heating by a combi bolier.  We only intend visiting the property for three weeks in total over the winter period but will obviously need to use the gas heating as this is the only form of heating available within the property.

This maybe a very hard question to answer, but approximately how many litres of gas will we use per week in order to heat the property to 20c from 8am until 10pm each day - 21 days in total?  The property is 180 sq mtrs with 8 large radiators in total.

We currently have some 700 litres of gas in the tank and I am wondering if this will be enough.

Any experiences greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Hi Paul, your question is abit of a hard one, we have gas central heating, but it isn't measured in litres, I wonder if you have the same system as us, we have an underground tank with a guage on it, totalgaz fill it up until the guage reads 85, we fill it again when it reads 20, this takes a full year, we have 12 rads plus heated towel rail, it's filled up usually beginning of november, as I said guage reading 85, by April the guage is down to about 30 after that when we turn the heating off the guage barely moves, taking us through to november again, our thermostate needs to be on 20/22, also our house retains quite abit of heat during the day, so we don't need it back on again until about 3'0clock ish, it goes off at 10 30/ 11. Hope this helps abit.


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