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Has anyone experienced any problems withdrawing cash from a machine today? My daughter who is down in Valras plage in Languédoc tried to withdraw some cash and the machine refused it,it was less than 100€ and she has enough to cover it in the account. Jitters perhaps over people taking their money out and putting under the mattress???
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Just a thought - CA has a limit on the total amount of cash that can be withdrawn in any 7 day period.  It's around €300 I seem to recall - I fell foul of that limit once.

They will readily increase it if you ask, but it's just possible that was the problem.

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I just withdrew 350€ twice this week,  from my local CA machine here in Hérault, (not Valras-Plage though, but not a million miles away either) without any problem (to put under my mattress). So hopefully, just a localised couac which should be put right by next week.


Gardian, I think the limit you mention is per day, not per week?

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[quote user="5-element"]

Gardian, I think the limit you mention is per day, not per week?   [/quote]

Our bank has 3 different withdrawal limits depending on which, and whose, machine we withdraw money from. Our local 'home' machine will provide us with 300 euros per day, their machine but in a different location would give us less per day (can't remember the figure) and using a competitors machine in a strange locality would give us 300 euros per week. Perhaps it is the same with CA?


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In that case spg, I confess to having no idea what my local CA's policy is. All I know is that I was able to withdraw 350€ on Monday, and again on Wednesday. I had in my mind, a figure of €400 or even €450 as a daily limit, but must be wrong.

Maybe they didn't notice[blink]

Mind you they've been ripping us off in so many other ways, and have been so inefficient and hopeless (this particular branch) that anything is possible.

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[quote user="5-element"]

Gardian, I think the limit you mention is per day, not per week?


I think that, as SPG has said, it varies.  Certainly mine was €300-ish per wk, but when (once) I needed to draw a large amount of cash, they readily upped the limit to €900. 

They've never cancelled the facility - not that I've really needed it other than on one emergency situation.  

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I asssume that this was CA's own debit cared ?

I have no idea either what the daily limit is nor have we ever used ours to draw cash from an ATM, CA or otherwise. We always use the Nationwide card for cash (and then only when the rate is acceptable) in which case the daily limit is £300/card.

I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to find our what our limit is and perhaps get it increased, even if we have no expectation of needing it, you never know [blink]

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I don't know if this is common to all regional CA, but this is what mine (CANMP) says about withdrawals with a MasterCard:

  • En France : jusqu'à 300 € par période de 7 jours glissants, dans

    tous les distributeurs de billets du réseau Cartes Bancaires (CB).
    • in France: up to 300 € per period of 7 rolling days from any ATMs within the CB card network.
  • A l'étranger : jusqu'à 910 € en devises locales dans tous les distributeurs affichant le logo MasterCard, par période de 7 jours
    • Abroad: up to 910 € in local currency per 7-day period from any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo.
You should be ble to see the standard withdrawal limits on your bank website, under Quotidien / Moyens de paiement.

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I don't think it's a question of limits.

I can draw up to 1500 a week with a gold card (if ever I had that much in the bank [:D])

In my CA (de Languedoc so the same region as the OP at Valras) the machines have been out of order 3 times this week, either not working or empty...

The  thought crossed my mind, that they are putting less cash in to conserve stocks.

I have also had an email from the Directeur (a round robin I  am sure)

Dans un

contexte de médiatisation de ces difficultés et de légitimes

interrogations, je souhaite  vous informer personnellement de la

situation du Crédit Agricole du Languedoc.

Le Crédit Agricole du Languedoc

est une banque coopérative et mutualiste, autonome et financièrement

indépendante. Son activité est constituée essentiellement de la

collecte de dépôts de ses clients et du financement des ménages, des

professionnels, des agriculteurs et des entreprises locales. Elle n’a

réalisé aucun investissement sur l’immobilier américain, ni en rapport

avec des banques américaines.


2,1 milliards d’euros de fonds propres, un résultat net 2007 de 150

millions d’euros, un ratio de solvabilité européen de 11,5 % (largement

supérieur aux exigences réglementaires)  et une qualité de gestion

toujours prudente, le Crédit Agricole du Languedoc est une banque régionale solide et génératrice de valeur sur son territoire.

Client du Crédit Agricole du Languedoc,

vous nous avez accordé votre confiance. Celle-ci nous engage. Ainsi, la

plus grande vigilance a toujours été apportée dans la sélection des

produits d’épargne proposés par votre Caisse Régionale.


le contexte actuel, je peux vous assurer que la solidité financière et

la nature des activités de la Caisse Régionale lui donnent les moyens

de faire face à cette crise et de continuer à mériter votre confiance.

Of course it had the opposite effect ...

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I dug out my original paperwork to ensure that I wasn't working just from memory.  I am with CA Languedoc (Midi as was when I opened the account).

In France at any CA machine, I can withdraw up to 450€ in any 7 day period.  At other banks machines this drops to 300€ in a 7 day period, as it does at machines abroad.  Interestingly at the counter the limits are 450€ at any bank in France, and 900€ abroad.

This tripped me up once, when I tried to withdraw X amount, and it said that I could only take out y amount, to stay wthin my limit for that 7 day period.

I have no idea if you can ask to alter these amounts, I have never felt the need to.

Hope this helps to clarify the situation in the Languedoc.[:D]

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I may have had the letter because when I took out my mortgage with CA I got a few shares, so count as a shareholder.

Perhaps orrdinary current account holders don't  qualify.

I hasten to add that my total investment is worth 17 euros...

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Well the mystery has been solved. Seems it was not a cash machine problem but,my daughter is on holiday at Valras at the moment and when she arrived last thursday,the girls decided to hire a car. Now my daughter was the only one with a french account and cheque book so she wrote out a cheque for €500 as the franchise for her friend to drive the car as she knows the locality there and is older and it seems the car hire company went straight out and cashed the cheque which more or less emptied her account. None of them realised this would happen and thought they would just keep the cheque and then hand it back if the car was returned in once piece and my girl thought she would still be able to draw on the account and use her overdraft but obviously not and they should have read the small print. Sorry for panicking you all, seems I was not given all the facts until today.
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