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Epargne populaire and Income tax


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Re Epargne populaire, is the following information still correct. It is the maximum income tax paid figure I am interested in for the tax year 2007........................................JR

Le LEP est réservé pour l'année 2007 à tout contribuable ayant son domicile fiscal en France, redevable en 2006 d'un impôt sur le revenu inférieur ou égal à 732 €. Un LEP par contribuable ou pour chacun des époux ou partenaires liés par un PACS, soumis à imposition commune.


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[quote]Vous pouvez ouvrir ou conserver un LEP en 2008, si votre domicile fiscal est situé en France, et si, au titre de l'année 2007, vous êtes non imposable

ou si le montant de vos impôts sur le revenu est inférieur ou égal à

732 euros (l'impôt à prendre en compte est l'impôt établi sur

l'ensemble des revenus avant imputation de l'avoir fiscal, du crédit d'impôt et des prélèvements

non libératoires). Ce nouveau montant a été fixé dans un avis du

Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Emploi en date du




can open or keep an existing LEP in 2008, if your tax residence is located in

France and, in the year 2007, you are not taxable or the amount of your

income tax is less than or equal to 732 euro (tax to consider is the

tax for the whole of earnings before charging the tax, the tax credit

and deductions not discharge). This new amount was fixed in a notice of

the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment dated 12/01/2008.

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Thanks Clair. The reason I ask this question is that we have been summoned to visit our bank, the Post Office to present our Avis D'Impot which we have just paid. I was wondering if all folk with an Epargne Populaire (LEP) are being examined in this way or if we have been singled out for some reason!...........................................JR
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If the income shown on the déclaration is above the LEP income ceiling, the account has to be closed by the 31/12, which is the date the interest earned is added to the account.

EDIT: [quote]When

the taxpayer's income  exceeds the ceiling, he must close the account no later than 31 December of the year following

which he last produced documentary evidence establishing

his income (Decree of 28 May 1982). Failure to do so may lead to total

loss of the interest earned.

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Ok and thanks for the info. This inspection of the Avis must be something new as we have not been asked to present it before. In past years our tax has been less than the limit and will probably be so again just an exception this last year. Have to find somewhere else to put what little money we have, already got Livret As...............................JR
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