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Worlds apart my friend!!

"The Australian dollar is currently the sixth-most-traded currency in world[1] foreign exchange markets (behind the euro, US dollar, the yen, the pound sterling, and the swiss franc),

accounting for over 6% of worldwide foreign-exchange transactions. The

Australian dollar is popular with currency traders due to high interest

rates in Australia, the relative freedom of the foreign exchange market

from governmental intervention, the general stability of Australia's

economy and political system, and the prevailing view that the

Australian dollar offers diversification benefits in a portfolio

containing the major world currencies (especially because of its

greater exposure to Asian economies and the commodities cycle)."

Like a cold beer?

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Well the TORYGRAPH never ceases to disappoint.


I wonder where the export led recovery is going to come from.

Banking - er, maybe not just at the moment

Manufacturing - er, not after MT decimated it and it now represents less than 20% of the economy.

People fleeing the mess - just possibly


As for the inference that countries within the Eurozone cannot set their own policies - well the man claims to work in Brussels and Strasbourg, and has clearly never lived in either.  I agree they cannot use interest rates as a politcal tool, but thank goodness for that.

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[quote user="Cathy"]

The UK pound going down against the euro is the reason why the UK should not adopt the euro.  It makes the pound more competitive.  See the following written by an MEP HERE

And I speak as someone who is financially affected by the slide.



The eurozone would not accept the £ at it's present level precisely because of the commercial advantage it would give the UK. I remember when they said they would accept it at 1.40€.
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Reuters' report seem to agree with opinions expressed by you. Barrosso is sadly deluded.


If anyone is under any illusions about the economic health of the Eurozone you should read this article by a German journalist in Der Spiegel (in English). It seems BMW and Daimler (Merc) may need to be nationalised in 2009 comme GM.



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[quote user="ausibattler"]Question based on curiousity or reactionary to points of view?

Watching the Titanic.........!!!

Do I qualify?


Rearranging the deck chairs will give us something to do and might just momentarily take our minds off what's happening?

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I was just curious, as you do not refer to a region of France in your profile, whether or not you are an Aussie 'spoofer' because of your over done negativity about the UK, which could be construed as trying to rile other posters into a heated response.

If you look at the latest dire Eurozone economic data reported today, it would appear that your Titanic analogy is rapidly spreading to the whole EU!

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From afar (about 10,000 miles or 17,000 klm's for those in countries that have gone totally metric) my observation of contibutions to this Forum are on the whole negative dialogues about their 'home country', particularly in considering their 'financial lot' or demise.

Most  who contribute to this Forum made a decision to seek a life off shore, leave the Mother UK, explore, seek a better quality of life for themselves, and for some, their children also. I also made that decision.

Some of us made it a permanent move, for good, never to return other than to visit family, friends and holidays. Never to dwell on 'what if' to keep comparing with 'what was' the 'good old times,' remember when', keep a house there 'just in case'.

From afar, we dont expect continued medical health support, a more favourable exchange rate on our State Pensions (mine is not CPI linked and is 'means tested' each tax year) whilst expecting high Bank interest on our retained 'nest egg' back home, income tax favours for us expats, winter fuel allowances, or Political bias for the minority 'off shore'.

My veiws are not influenced by UK or European political or media 'spin'. I do not maintain a view of events in your region of the World as negative but of concern. Pragmatic dialogue outside the 'nine dots' is supposed to be healthy with sometimes a refreshing change to the constant barage of be-moaning.

I have concerns for my family and friends that all is not well in the UK and in the Euro Zone and the political and financial fall out could be alarming.

 We are all well aware of the cause, it was not rocket science, it is the effect and the remedy that is more important; blame if there ever will be any, will come later.

Some of us have a point of veiw of the ranking of the UK in this World that is no longer based on patrotism, government of the day, cost of Ryan air, tunnel charges, cost of the forthcoming Olympics, or how much soccer players earn.

60 million souls to be taken care of on 245,000 square klms doesn't sound like a viable financial 'stand alone' unit in today's global macro economic terms does it -- does it?


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